Norah Hateleyís family tree



Norahís birth certificate tells us that she was born on 1st June 1904 at 76 Kenyon Lane Middleton.Her motherís name was Catherine nee Murray and her father, Alfred Hateley, was a bricklayerís labourer.Norah married Joseph Graham on 9th December 1928 in St Matthews Church Chadderton. Norah was a small lady but apparently she was taller than Joseph.At some point after she was widowed in 1936 she married a Mr Beverland, I believe he was a policeman.The only marriage I can find between an Alfred Hateley and a Catherine Murray was at Bolton Register Office on 9th October 1901.At the time Alfred was a 36 year old outdoor labourer and Catherine was a 29 year old card room hand.They both lived at 21 Higher Barn in Horwich.Williamís father is given as John Henry Hateley a chemist and druggist.Catherineís father is given as William Murray (deceased), an engineer.These marriage details will have to be regarded as provisional until I can confirm that Alfredís and Catherineís ages on the marriage certificate match up with those recorded on the 1911 census when that becomes available in 2012.



Memories of Grandma Beverland

A small lady under 5ft with a pale round face and white hair.Always smartly dressed.Quiet but strict.Always seemed to eat with a napkin or hanky on her knee, very dainty.She loved chocolate, but would prefer not to have any rather than have a small piece.I remember when she came to visit she would sit on a chair with a few cushions behind her, and not move off it until it was time to leave.I donít recall much about her house in Crompton Street apart from being very clean, tidy and dimly lit.I do remember staying in the car sometimes when dad visited but Iím not sure if that because I wanted to or for other reasons.I remember once talking to her about a ouigee board that someone had and wanted to use with a few of us.She told me that it was something she would never consider using because they could be very dangerous.Thatís something that stayed with me, I have never nor would I ever be involved with one.She was very knowledgeable about Spiritualism although she never spoke about it.


David Graham



Grandma Beverland with Stephen and Christine, Crompton Street

Norahís sister, Gertrude

Norah and Flo with Stephen, Christine & David




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