Helena Chapmanís family tree


On her dadís side, Thomas Joseph Chapman


On her mumís side, Mary Elizabeth Stephenson


One of the primary motivators for researching the family history is to investigate the family legend that we are descended from George Stephenson, the Victorian inventor of the steam engine.Unfortunately this is untrue, George had only one child, his son Robert, Robert had no children so there are no descendents of George Stephenson.Presumably this legend stems from one of our ancestors being called Robert Stephenson.New info: More information on the depth of this myth can be read on Mary Elizabeth Stephensonís page, below.


New info: John Dean is from Marsden in West Yorkshire, easy day-trip distance from Morley.We plan to go for a look round at some point,but apart from hunting for Deans in the cemetery Iím not sure what weíll be looking for!John Dean was a fish monger in Hull, I donít think there was much call for that trade in the Pennines before the advent of the railway!


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