Ann Hoggarth’s family tree

Ann Hoggarth

Grandmother of Ralph Dagleish b 1900

Robert Hoggarth

Ann’s dad


Ann Hoggarth’s ancestors on her dad’s side



Ann Hoggarth’s ancestors on her mum’s side

I am grateful to Christopher Dagleish for the detail of Mary Webster’s ancestors


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Frances Carioli 1822 - 1888


30 Jul 1822, Whitby, daughter of Andrew Carioli and Mary Webster.


03 Aug 1822, St Hilda’s Catholic Church, Whitby

Married 1

5 Sept 1843.  At age 21, to Robert Hoggarth born 13 Jan 1819 Egton Bridge nr Whitby

1851 census return

28, head, widow, shop keeper, New Market Place, Whitby, (with daughter Ann & sister Johanna Gray)

1861 census return

38, head, widow, illegible occupation, Church St, Whitby (With daughter Ann & sister Ann E Carioli)

Married 2

Unknown date, to Miles Corner, a shipwright born in 1807 in Whitby

1871 census return

38(!), wife, Sandgate, Whitby, also Frances Amelia Hoggarth, grand-daughter aged 6.

1881 census return

58, wife, Sandgate, Whitby.  (Also grand-daughter Frances Amelia Hoggarth, age 16)


5 Jun 1888, Sandgate, Whitby


10 Jun 1888, Larpool cemetery Whitby, in plot number 4057, close to her mother.  No headstone.


Frances had two children.  Our ancestor, Ann Hoggarth, was born in November 1844 in Whitby.  Then William Henry Hoggarth born in Whitby in 1850.  Frances’s husband, Robert, died at sea either in 1847 or 1850.  This may cast doubt on William’s paternity having been born in 1850.  It can’t have been easy for Frances being widowed with young children to look after however she was evidently an enterprising woman and ran a shop in the market place.  At some point between the 1861 and 1871 census she married Miles Corner. 


Plan of Larpool Cemetery



A photograph of section G looking south.  Frances has an unmarked plot (4057) in the background.  Her mum, Mary, is in the foreground.


Andrew Carioli 1783 - 1853

1783    Born in Padua, Italy

1817    Married Mary Webster 19th September, age 33-34

1837    Town Valuation:  John Andrew Carioli, jeweller, Sandgate, Whitby, dwelling house, rateable value 15 shillings.

1841    census: Andrew Carioli, age 55, Sandgate, Whitby, toy dealer.

1849    Whitby directory:  Carioli, toy dealer, Grape Lane, Whitby

1851    census: Andrew Carioli, age 68, Sandgate, jeweller and toy man, born in Italy.

1853    Died 9 July.


What don’t we know?  When Andrew came over from Italy and why he chose Whitby.  Did he already work with clockwork mechanisms and if so was he attracted to Whitby by the famous clockmaker Webster and is it co-incidence that his wife had been born a Webster?  Or did he choose Whitby because (according to Rachel Bellerby in Tracing Your Yorkshire Ancestors) the north east of England was one of the easiest places for Catholics to live in a largely ‘Catholic-unfriendly’ country.  Notice that he is described as a toy dealer in a couple of census returns.  In those days a toy wasn’t something that entertained a child.  It could mean what we, today, would call a gadget. 




Carioli pocket watch with verge

movement on display at Whitby museum

Cariole barometer owned by

another of his descendents.




Mary Webster, 1785-1867



Born 5 Nov at Lythe 4 miles north of Whitby


Baptised 30 May 1786, Whitby


Married 15 Oct in Whitby, age 20, to John Hoggit born 1785 Whitby.  Widowed.


Married 12 September in Whitby, age 30, to Andrew Carioli born 1783 in Padua Italy.


Converted to Catholicism 15 July age 43


Age 50(!), wife (of Andrew Carioli, toy dealer) Sandgate.  Matthew Webster, her dad age 80, is boarding.


Age 65, wife, Sandgate, Whitby.  With husband Andrew, children Ann, Jane and john, and grand-daughter Ann Hoggarth


Widowed 9 July


Age 75, head of household, widow, milliner, Sandgate, Whitby.  Daughter Jane lives there too.


Age 81, died 23 Jan in Blackburn’s Yard, Church Street, Whitby.  Buried 27 Jan, Larpool cemetery Whitby, in plot number 3784.  No headstone.



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