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Ralph Dagleish b. 1900, aged 71


John Dagleish b. 1873, Ralph’s dad taken in 1945 age 72

I see a distinct family resemblance between Ralph and John

Ann Elizabeth Dagleish b. 1875, nee Judge, Ralph’s mum

I see a resemblance between Ann Elizabeth and a younger John Dagleish aka Alf Arless for anyone who watches Larkrise to Candleford!


Ann Hoggarth b. 1844, Ann Elizabeth’s mum

Robert Hoggarth b. 1819, Ann’s dad


Jane McAllister b 1803

Maternal grandmother of John Dagleish b1873

A photo of Larpool cemetery in Whitby.


In the background of this image lies the unmarked grave of Frances Hoggarth b. 1822 nee Carioli, Ann’s mum and Robert wife.


In the foreground lies the grave of Frances’ mum, Mary Carioli b. 1785 nee Webster, wife of Andrew the Italian clockmaker.


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